If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Remember the first project I made, the teeny baby converse booties? They were waaaay too small for my niece to wear, so what did I do? I scoured the internet for converse booties that could fit her 4 month sized feet. I tried about 3 different patterns, but I think my stitching is a little... Continue Reading →


A little Amigurumi fun

I had a friend who was flying off ┬áthe last week and wanted to make a whale stuffed toy for them! I was so energised and ready to go but having just started my internship and not being the fastest crocheter around, I only managed to make the top half of the whale by the... Continue Reading →

So it Begins

Hello everyone! My name is Shifa and I'm a 21 year old in Singapore. I started crocheting when I was 14 and only made a few projects: a pair of baby booties, a phone pouch, and a scarf and stopped ever since. Recently I've picked my hooks back up and am re-energised to start crocheting... Continue Reading →

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